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​Anyone who welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes Me.  Mark 9:37
Tot Time
Tot Time is a hands-on, interactive program for toddlers (about 21  - 40 months) and their favorite grown-up!  It is offered in four to six week sessions about five times per school year.  
Each session is based on a theme and includes: Introduction, Freeplay Centers, Snack, and Group Time.  
Tot Time meets one day per week from 9:15 - 10:45 AM.  Click on link to right for more information!


Tot Time Info

Practice Preschool
​Preschool 3's 

A primary focus in the Preschool 3's (PS 3) program is on social development and classroom etiquette.  For many children this is their first school experience; They are learning to share, take turns, play together and be part of a group.     

We offer a two day program for threes and for the 20 - 21 school year will offer an optional third day, enrollment permitting. 

For more information about the PS 3 program, please click on the link to the right.

Practice Preschool is a class for children who are turning four before 12/31, who did not attend a 3's class this year but who you plan to have attend a 4's class in the fall. This 16 week class is intended as a first preschool experience and is designed to help children have an easier transition into a 4's class in the fall. 

​Pre-K Young 4's and 4's

Our Pre-K 4's class is intended to be the year before kindergarten for most children.  More emphasis is put on recognizing letters, the sounds they make, and learning letter formation, as well as building on and gaining new skills in all areas of development - spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional and social. 

We offer both three day and  four day PK 4's classes.

For more information about the PK 4 programs, please click on the link to the right.


The Pre-K+ class is intended for those children who either were not quite ready for kindergarten or who miss the kindergarten cut-off in their community, but who will attend Kindergarten the following year. The majority of the children in these classes have had at least one, and sometimes two years of preschool already. These classes will build on skills children already have, while helping them develop new ones.  These are still preschool classes so they will still include freeplay time and other typical preschool activities, but they will also be a little more structured and geared to the age and developmental abilities of the five year old child.

The PK+ class will meet from 9 - 12.

For more information about the PK+ programs, please click on the link to the right.

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