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PURPOSE:  Ascension Lutheran Early Childhood Center is a limited cooperative Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten . Your child's education is a cooperative effort between home and school. Our intent is to assist you in this effort by providing activities designed to promote physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual growth in a loving Christian environment. 


CURRICULUM:  Our developmentally appropriate (DAP), faith and theme based curriculum supports the NEW Ohio Birth – Kindergarten Entry Early Learning and Development Standards.  Bible stories and songs are an inegral part of our program.  Hands-on learning is encouraged through participation in free play, art, music, relegion, science, math, literature and language activities.


PARENT INVOLVEMENT:  A parent is their child's first and foremost teacher!  We want parents to feel welcome here!  Parents/Guardians are encouraged to help out in ALL of our classrooms. They are scheduled to provide snack and juice on a rotating basis for their child's classroom and are welcome to stay that day as a helper in the classroom.  Parents/Guardians are not included in our staff-child ratio.  



Tears (HWT)

We use the program Handwriting Without Tears to introduce writing in all of our classes.

While the program looks different at each age level, some components remain the same throughout, for example, the terminology used to describe how letters are made.  This allows all staff and parents to be consistent as they teach letter formation.  For more information please check out the HWT website: 

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